small things and breathtaking experiences.

Watching the sky erupt into colour is one of my favourite things in this life. A beautiful sunset is so healing to me because it reminds me that part of finding happiness involves two things; one is the continual and persistent efforts of reflection and introspection, which inevitably land you at the gates of growth;… Continue reading small things and breathtaking experiences.

Lessons, Poetry


it was in the dark stairwell of an old apartment building where i drunkenly sang myself blue for a beautiful woman whose naked lips tasted of fresh marlboro reds and pressed pomegranate oil when i woke this morning the smell of her supple skin lingered faintly still on my pillow and on my red-purple stained… Continue reading Pomegranate.


I am taking up space and I am not apologetic about it.

The morning I decided that the love I will cultivate for myself will no longer be a conditional and sacrificial act, I fell ill with a head cold. The irony of it all is simply hilarious. But the metaphor behind the fever is stunning nonetheless, and absolutely worth unpacking because it is quite telling of… Continue reading I am taking up space and I am not apologetic about it.