Life is a weird journey but thank god we don’t have to walk it alone, right? Join me as I reflect on adulthood, muse over lovers, ugly cry with a mouth full of chocolate, laugh way too loud, run away, sing hallelujah, spread light, heal, talk about mental health, learn, fail at life, succeed at life, get angry about endangered animals, re-discover self love, and attempt to be the very best version of myself I can be. I hope to turn all of these observations into important lessons that I will save for my future self and I use ‘daughter’ as a metaphor for the regaining of an innocence lost. These lessons will all come in the form of poetry, short stories, rambles and many rants.

My body is my home and when invited you are nothing but a guest in it. Remember that. Respect that. Never ever assume or overestimate your place. Welcome in. 

Please always remember to be gentle with your hearts and the hearts of other humans, I beg. Everyone has a story but not everyone is given the opportunity to tell it right or at all. Let’s help each other untangle the traumas that sit nestled deep in our throats. Touch yourself with utter delicacy because there is no greater tragedy than the ways in which we beat ourselves navy blue with the consonants of our own names.

NB. The last thing that I will say before I ask you to explore explore explore my blog is make sure to check on your strong friends!

Love, light, and hugs family,

Lu xo